The Indiana Right to Life came out and clarified that while the National Right to Life has chosen to support Thompson, the Indiana Right to Life has not made any such endorsement. This was my letter to their director.

I was troubled when I heard the National Right to Life had decided to back Fred Thompson. Thompson made his views clear on Meet the Press, and it was clear his views are not good enough. With lives on the line, we need more action and less wishy-washy talk.
If we Americans continue to constantly “settle” for candidates, we will never
get the president this country needs. We should not be forced to settle for the lowest common denominator. If a candidate like Mike Huckabee is vocal about his unconditional pro-life stance, what message are we sending if we ignore him and settle for a lower candidate? Why should anyone listen to the voice speaking out for the unborn if that voice repeatedly gives in?
We must force the Republican Party to remember its values. Giving in to lowest common denominator candidates is an egregious error.
I am a proud Hoosier. Please continue to make me proud by backing the correct candidate, a candidate that is unabashedly prolife and proAmerican.

We’ll see what his response is.