It’s probably a gross understatement to say that there’s a double-standard in this country. Those people the media loves– namely liberals and celebrities– are lauded for everything they do. Everyone else? Well, we’re racist, prideful, and hate the environment.

Average American couple — we’ll call them the Johnsons — walk through the grocery store with six kids. “Are those all yours?” What are they doing? Haven’t they figured out how to stop that? Do they realize we’re all going to run out of food and natural resources because they’re so irresponsible?

Brad and Angelina have their fifth and sixth kid. “We’ll give you $14 million dollars for pictures of them.” Aren’t they adorable?! Who do you think they look like? Oh, those two are so in love. And they do so much for the poor!


Okay, so how about this? Angelina makes headlines every time she goes over to help the poor and comes back with a child. Now, I respect her willingness to show self-sacrifice and raise children who would otherwise end up on the streets. I’m not going to get into a discussion about that. But what if someone else did the same thing? Are they treated the same way?

What if a woman went over to Bangladesh, for example, and came back with two girls from Mother Teresa’s orphanage? What if one had a cleft palate and one had a heart condition? What if the woman adopted one and had a family friend adopt the other — and paid for all the medical care of the second girl, even though she was not her own daughter?

Would we praise this woman like we have Angelina? I hope so. Perhaps Cindy McCain is just a bit more private about family matters. Maybe she doesn’t want to be on the cover of People magazine to show everyone how wonderful she is. (Didn’t Barack Obama come out and say he was sorry for parading his family on Access Hollywood?  But then we all see them splashed across People Magazine with a big interview a few weeks later?)

Well, hopefully John McCain will start telling us all about himself soon.  We don’t want to hear about Obama, John.  Start telling us about you.