I read a blog post this weekend about the furor that came out after McCain admitted he was considering a pro-abortion politician for his VP spot. Thank heavens, Christians and the prolife movement as a whole spoke up and strongly advised him against such a plan. The blogger was scoffing this action, deriding the prolife movement for fighting to take a hill not worth fighting over.

In the blog post, he said worrying about a VP’s stance on abortion was ridiculous because even presidents haven’t had an impact on the abortion debate. There haven’t been a lot of laws passed, and if the Supreme Court ever repealed Roe v. Wade, it would simply go to the states and the states would all choose to keep abortion legal. He said the pro-life movement, in opposing a pro-abortion VP, was getting all worked up about nothing.

This blogger is missing the point. First, I think it’s pretty ridiculous to say wanting a VP that believes the federal government has no right to infringe on the rights of defenseless Americans is getting worked up over nothing. But, secondly, there is much more to being pro-life than wanting to see Roe v Wade appealed. We aren’t electing someone who is pro-life because they disagree with a Supreme Court ruling. We are electing someone who is pro-life because they understand what life is.

Someone who is pro-life views the human person very differently than someone who is pro-abortion. And it is not just the abortion issue– as Sam Brownback coined, it is pro-life, whole life. A pro-life person cares about the eldery and the young, the sick and the healthy, the blue-collared workers, the white-collared workers, the unemployed, and the retired. They care about the homeless and the middle class taxpayer. They care about everyone, because we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

If pro-choice politicians are willing to condone unborn babies being killed, what else are they willing to condone? I can’t trust them with a defenseless pre-born child, why should we trust them with the defenseless homeless, unemployed man on the street? Why should we trust them with our defenseless nonagenarian grandparents? Or our defenseless two year-old children? Heck, we all know now we can’t trust Obama to take care of a born baby! After hearing this story, I don’t think I’d trust him to watch my dog while I went on vacation.

There’s a problem with the logic that ‘since VPs don’t have much effect on the passing of pro-life laws, it doesn’t matter if your VP is pro-life.’ It’s like saying that since your board of advisors doesn’t have a final say in your company, it doesn’t matter that Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling are your two main men. A leader is more than just a certain role and certain responsibilities… it is who the person is, what the person believes, what the person stands for.

We’re not talking about electing the assistant trash collector of the month. We’re talking about the election of the leaders of the United States of America! If politicians don’t understand what a human is, if they feel humans are relatively expendable based on the whims of others, I don’t want them to have any part in leading my country, regardless of what laws they can or cannot pass.

Frank Sheed pointed out in 1978: “Science can tell us more and more about life, but it can shed no light at all on what life is about — why we exist (why indeed anything exists), where we are supposed to be going, how we are to get there. On these questions, our rulers can tell us nothing either; most of them are not aware that those questions are fundamental to their work as rulers, or even that rulers have any bearing on it at all. But to handle human lives with no agreement as to what human beings are or what the purpose of life is — that is a formula for chaos.” Preface to Theology and Sanity

Who are we letting handle human lives?