I think this video speaks for itself.

I will be voting for McCain come November. Is he the perfect presidential candidate? No. (Am I the perfect coordinator of campus ministry and catechetics? No.)

Am I voting for him to keep Obama out of the White House?  Yes.

Am I ashamed of this? Not.at.all.

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UPDATE: chew on this:

Gerard Bradley, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame’s law school, has testified before congressional committees, in his own words, “in favor of almost every important pro-life law proposed in the last decade.”

This is what he has to say about McCain:

“He has served in Congress for 24 years, and cast a lot of votes on abortion legislation during that time. His record is not merely exemplary — it is perfect. McCain’s votes on abortion really could not be better. A campaign advertisement in South Carolina says of John McCain: “Pro-life. Not just recently. Always. Never wavering.” The ad is true…Being battle-hardened in defense of life is a real plus. Twenty-four years of service at the national level — almost all of them in the Senate — make a big difference when we are talking about the next President…There is no need to speculate or to rely upon promises or take matters on faith when it comes to McCain and abortion. He has demonstrated himself to be the best pro-life choice.”

You can read his whole article from the National Review here.