… to bring you a review.

I know a lot of new people may be coming to the blog these days, and I encourage you to peruse the site and the random smattering of posts.

I plan on continuing my political posts, but I interrupt the trend to bring you to a fabulous little coffeeshop I visited this morning.  I miss visiting places and reporting back on them since returning to the States, so today I’m bringing a bit of joaninrome.wordpress.com to this blog.  … in more ways than one!


I have to admit, I was never crazy about coffee.  I didn’t understand what people loved about it.  I could get the same caffeine buzz from Mountain Dew, without that funny aftertaste and smell.

The first time I lived in Rome, everyone raved about the coffee… and I had it once or twice– but it just didn’t do much for me.  The next year, I was drinking drip coffee in the morning when I needed to stay awake to study, so I could drink it– but I didn’t really like it.

Then I lived in Rome again.  I decided to give all that talk about cappuccini and caffe latte another chance.

And I loved it.  I actually enjoyed drinking cappuccini in the mornings.  I never felt addicted, which made me the happiest.  Even when returning to the States, I missed my morning cappuccino for everything that came with it– not for the caffeine.

When I had my first caffe latte upon returning home, it was everything I expected… nothing.  (And they just called it “latte”… *sigh*… I didn’t order milk, people.  I ordered coffee and milk.)  It didn’t have much flavor, and I couldn’t help but wonder why they poured so much milk in there to dilute the espresso.  I wanted quality, not quantity.

I don’t know why I even ordered “coffee” soon afterwards.  I felt like I was drinking dirty water.

Three months later, I found Crema.  I was looking for a place to work on my day off (explain that one to me, haha) and I have come to the realization that I just don’t get much work done in my apartment (the story of my life for the past three years!).  While I was looking online for a coffeeshop in the area, I found several in the Vanderbilt area.. and then I saw Crema.

CREMA is coffee’s zip code here in the USofA.  Located in the Rutledge Hill area of Nashville, just south of downtown, Crema’s owner, Rachel, knows coffee…. and she cares about coffee.  I’ll let you roam around her website yourself, but I can vouch for this much — this morning she brought me the best cappuccino I have had since returning to the States.  It was fantastic!!!

Unfortunately, Crema is across town from work and home.  It will have to be reserved for special occasions — or days off when I need to work.  I also had a fantastic little quiche for breakfast, and it was just the right atmosphere to get some reading done.

When my friends come to visit me in Nashville, I plan on taking them to Crema.  While it’s not San Eustachio or Tazza d’Oro, it’s as close to an Italian morning as I’m going to get in quite some time.  [It’s still American– there are seats (you can sit down and read! thanks, Rachel!) and tables, there were no Italian carabinieri standing at the counter enjoying their morning espresso, and I ordered in English.]

And it’s not Starbucks.  And that, my friends, is enough to keep me coming back.  : )

(Photo courtesy of Crema)