Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul I, the “smiling Pope.”  Did you know that Pope Benedict is one of six cardinals still living that participated in that year of two conclaves, 1978?

To celebrate this anniversary of his birth into eternal life, I leave you this quote from John Paul I:

“Love in little things. Often this is the only kind possible. I never had the chance to jump into a river to save a drowning man; I have been very often asked to lend something, to write letters, to give simple and easy instructions. I have never met a mad dog; instead I have met some irritating flies and mosquitoes. I have never had persecutors beat me but many people disturb me with noises in the street, with the volume of the television turned up too high or unfortunately with making noise in drinking soup. To help, however, one can not take it amiss, to be understanding; to remain calm and smiling (as much as possible) in such occasions is to love one’s neighbour without rhetoric in a practical way.”

Isn’t that beautiful?