Read this article and then tell me that this whole mess is George Bush’s fault.

Okay, I’m off to go watch the VP debate.  (I just heard Sarah say, “Can I call you Joe?”  Haha, so cute.)

UPDATE: I thought Palin was great.  It’s hard for me to be impartial because I really like her, and while I don’t dislike Joe… I just think he’s been around too long.  And I don’t agree with most of what he says!  So… no one’s going to ever accuse me of being unbiased, haha.  (Which is why they’ll never let me in the debate here in Nashville next week.  *sigh*)

But, after admitting my biased views, I will say I think Sarah did a great job.  I thought she was fresh and composed– and I felt like America could relate to her.  I thought Biden made too many faces and was just kind of flat.

Haha, Bill Kristol just admitted that it was hard for him to comment on the debate because he’s biased!  Haha!  At least he admits his bias, unlike most commentators on news shows!