I believe in choice.  I believe I should be able to choose whether or not my hard-earned salary is going to pay for things that are immoral.  Why should I be financing abortion, when I think it’s the gravest evil in our country today and has caused the downfall of society?

Yet, under the Freedom of Choice act, which Senator Obama is poised to sign the day he’s elected, abortions will be federally funded.  They’ll be covered in basic health care plans.  And federal funds will once again be shipped overseas to pay for abortion and sterilization in other countries (in poor countries, where the underprivileged are sterilized instead of fed).

No longer will federal funds be given to agencies that promote abstinence, nor to crisis pregnancy centers that help women– since they don’t promote abortion.

Are we ready for our taxes to go to this?  Or will all of those people, unwilling to vote in such a way that Obama is not elected, just be riled up about this injustice after he’s elected?

We can do something about it now.  Vote so that your money doesn’t support abortions.