Okay, to say this makes me mad is an understatement.  I am so fired up right now, it might be dangerous to even write this post.  It doesn’t help that the voice of Senator Obama is in my ears spouting his usual lies– right now he’s promising all children in the audience that they will be able to go to college and have their tuition covered, “no ifs, ands, or buts.”  Urgh!  No wonder the crowd is chanting “Obama, Obama, Obama.”  See my post on this subject.

At least he’s telling them it’ll cost money.  Well, he says, “I’m not saying this will be easy.”  In other words… he’s going to raise our taxes. But is he saying that out loud?  No, it takes common sense to see that socializing healthcare AND college educations means that the government is going to need to get money from somewhere…

But I digress.  That’s not the point of this entry.  THIS is the point of the entry.  An effigy of Sarah Palin, hung from a noose, is part of a West Hollywood home’s Halloween display.  The town says they can’t do anything because of first ammendment rights.

Seriously?  Now, I’m all about first ammendment rights.  In fact, I fear that first ammendment rights are in jeopardy in our country today.  But making an effigy of a public figure and hanging it from your roof is not acceptable.  The article briefly touched on the fact that people wouldn’t be too happy if Obama was the one in the noose.  EXACTLY.  Do you think that would fly?

Or do you think it would cause a major uproar (that’s an understatement, too) and the people would probably be told to take their “art” down… or their house would be burned down.

I can’t stand how two-faced our society is.  It drives me CRAZY.  Urgh!!  I’m too heated up now… I need to go pray.