Did you know that the CDC estimates that 500 babies are born alive during abortions every year?  And those are just the ones reported to the CDC, I suppose.

The following link (I couldn’t get the video to embed, sorry) is a powerful video that lays this election right out there on the line.  No longer are we even talking about unborn babies, living inside of their mothers.  The discussion has moved to born babies, gasping for breath in the world around us.

Watch this video. http://salesianity.blogspot.com/2008/10/whats-at-stake-human-life.html

I’ll warn you… it’s powerful.  (Anne, I wouldn’t watch it… As a preggo mommy, you’ll cry too hard.)

I would apologize for beating a dead horse about this… but it’s not dead.  So I’m still beating it. (and praying, too)