We already have to deal with two so-called “Catholics” running this country- Biden and Pelosi.  It makes me want to wretch when I think that these people insist on calling themselves Catholic.  (Guess what?  You’re not Catholic if you don’t obey the Church.  Why do you even want to call yourself Catholic if you disagree with what the Church stands for?  If you disagree with vegetarians and eat meat every night, would you call yourself a vegetarian?  I don’t think so.)

Well, it appears it can get worse.  Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ name is being batted around for Secretary for Health and Human Services.  Sure, put a woman in charge of health who believes women shouldn’t be informed of the health and development of her unborn baby, that women shouldn’t be told about alternatives to abortion… sure, put her in charge of health.  And human services.  After all, abortion is a human service, isn’t it?

Blech. Why not just put Bill Clinton in charge of marriage issues?

(Kathleen Sebelius vetoed Kansas’ Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act, a piece of legislation that had been supported by large majorities in the Kansas House and Senate.  Her campaigns have been supported by a well-known late-term abortionist, and Kansas has become known as the late-term abortion state of the Midwest.  Her bishop, Bishop Joseph Naumann, met with her privately numeorous times to speak to her about her pro-abortion stance and the Church’s teaching, and after she repeatedly refused to obey the Church, he asked her to refrain from receiving Communion.)

Hat tip: Whispers in the Loggia

Oh, ‘funny’ side note: I heard on the radio that the Illinois Lottery numbers last night were 6-6-6.