If any of you happen to be frequent readers of Whispers in the Loggia, you know by now that I steal share a lot of information from his blog.  He is one of my favorite reads… perhaps because I’m a papist nerd.  Hahaha.

Anyway, he quoted Pope Paul VI’s message closing the Second Vatican Council today, echoing the Papal Nuncio to the US, Pietro Sambi, who quoted it in his address to the Bishops this week.  The end of the message was addressed to the youth, and I found the first paragraph (which I’ve included below) particularly striking.  I’d like to adopt the words of encouragement (and warning) for my own generation, because, well, in my mother’s words, her generation failed and now we have to clean things up.

With this in mind, I have re-entered the study of the documents of the Second Vatican Council in light of current events, and I hope to emerge with a fairly coherent discourse… time will tell.

So, for now, I leave you with the Holy Father’s words.

“Lastly, it is to you, young men and women of the world, that the council wishes to address its final message. For it is you who are to receive the torch from the hands of your elders and to live in the world at the period of the most gigantic transformations ever realized in its history. It is you who, receiving the best of the example of the teaching of your parents and your teachers, are to form the society of tomorrow. You will either save yourselves or you will perish with it.” Pope Paul VI, 8 December 1965