The host of the talk radio program I listen to on the way to work was reporting on the huge virus going around Facebook.  Once he was done with the story, he asked his little assistant if he had Facebook.  He did, and the host said that everyone was trying to get him to get it, and he wondered why he should get it.  Here’s the exchange, more or less:

Ralph: Why should I get Facebook?

Asst: Why not?!

[Really?  That’s the best you can come up with?]

Finally, after some prodding from Ralph for a better reason:

Asst: It makes communication so much easier.

Ralph: Really?  Easier than email?  What could be easier than emailing someone?  Or picking up the phone?  Going to some website is easier than just typing in an email address?

Asst: Well, you can see the little details of your friends’ lives, like [presumably reading the status of one of his friends?] ‘Banjo Bob woke up early today.’  You can find out what’s going on in their lives.

Ralph: If I want to find out what’s going on in my friends lives, I’ll visit them.

Other guy in the studio:  But it’s in the in thing, Ralph.

Asst: I don’t have it because it’s the ‘in thing.’ 

It all wrapped up soon after that, with the assistant not convincing Ralph of anything — and with arguments like that, it’s no wonder.  Hahaha.

This is just a teaser for my Facebook/MySpace/etc critique that will be appearing soon.  I don’t know whether it will appear here or somewhere else, but I’ll keep you all posted.