I just finished cleaning my apartment.   I won’t say how long it’s been since I really, really cleaned… In fact, I’ll just say that it’s a good thing my grandmother doesn’t travel outside of Indiana.  If she had seen this place, she probably would have had a heart attack.

I’m not a sloppy person… I just don’t really notice dust and stuff like that, I guess.  And it’s easier to overlook your own mess, isn’t it? [how that could be applied throughout our lives…]

But I decided to decorate for Christmas on Monday (a little early, I know) and so I thought I’d get the house ready today.  It’s kind of funny– you know how you tell little kids about Advent and compare it to Mom cleaning the house to get ready for a party?  And our souls are the same way, we have to prepare them to welcome Jesus? Well, I told myself the exact opposite today– and didn’t even realize it.  I said, “Joannie-” (you talk to yourself when you live alone), “‘it’s time to clean the house.  Just like you’re preparing yourself spiritually during Advent, you have to prepare your house, too.”  And then I realized what I had done and got a pretty good laugh out of it.  Well, anything to get myself to clean house.

So now I’m happily sitting in a clean house!  Once I get my tree up, I’ll have to post pictures.  It’s kind of a pitiful thing (it’s artificial, partly because I’m leaving for two weeks at Christmas and don’t want it to shed itself to death in my absence) but hopefully I can make it look fairly nice.   I ran into my friend Maria in Target and we shopped for decorations together.  She talked some sense into me– I was going to take the whole thing seriously and decorate it elegantly… but she convinced me to have fun with it.  “A pretty tree? Save that for marriage!” she said.  Hahahaha!  So I’m going to have a Joannie tree and enjoy this while I can. : )

Now I’m going to go try to knock out some Christmas cards before I go to Maria’s tree-decorating party.  The moral of this post: Have fun getting ready for Christmas– but don’t forget the most important clean-up time is spiritual.

[Is it sad that to get snow I have to put fake snow on my blog? Hahaha!  (I love wordpress.)  My mom keeps telling me that it’s going to snow here, but there’s no sign of it.  It’s supposed to get up to 60 degrees this week.]