Can I just say I LOVE December?  While Fall is my favorite season, December wins, hands down, Joannie’s Favorite Month of the Year Award.  Every year.

I mean, there are shallow reasons, like the fact that someone’s birthday is coming in eight days.  But it’s much more than that, people.  Give me some credit.

I love Advent.  I love this time of preparation, this period where we wait to celebrate that beautiful moment in history when, amid the cold of winter, when half past was the night, the Word that became flesh on the 25th of March was now borne into the world by the Virgin Mary.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us… God entered history!

Okay, so I could go on about that, and I will soon… because Advent is the best, and we never give it enough credit.  In fact, we skip it all together.

But I didn’t come on here to wax poetical about Christmas, so that will have to wait.  I came here to talk about peppermint.

I LOVE PEPPERMINT.  I love candy canes.  I love peppermint bark.  I love hot chocolate with a splash of peppermint.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I love peppermint stick ice cream, which Mom used to buy for me from the Schwans’ man, and if I was lucky, she’d buy an extra 1/2 gallon or two so I could eat it into January.  (Why are the best things in life so often seasonal?  Like pumpkin ice cream?  Why can’t I eat pumpkin ice cream in July?  It’s so yummy!  Why am I admitting that ‘the best things in life’ to me are ice creams.. hm…)

Anyway, as I sit here and sip my Ghiradelli peppermint coffee that I bought at the Target dollar-spot that isn’t nearly pepperminty enough, so I had to add a candy cane to it… I just wanted to say how much I love December.  It’s a time of preparation, a time to unite ourselves with the Blessed Mother and St Joseph to await that great moment in their lives that all parents cherish and long for…

And it’s a time to eat a lot of peppermint.

Happy Advent, everyone!