I always marvel when people talk about areas they feel the Holy Father has “slacked” on, or when they feel like the Holy Father isn’t listening to certain concerns.  I think it’s tempting to forget that he’s not just my shepherd, but that he belongs to the entire world.  So maybe he hasn’t addressed that issue in California or corrected that priest in Minnesota.  Maybe he hasn’t talked to that bishop in Iowa or straightened out that diocese in Florida.  (These are all generic things– I have nothing particular in mind regarding these locations, I assure you.)

Yes, Knoxville, TN is waiting for a bishop.  And has been waiting for a long time.  And it’s important– they need a shepherd.

But Benedict’s been busy.  And he has a lot on his mind.

These were the things running through my head when I read his New Year’s greeting to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See (which can be found here).

The Church is a heck of a lot bigger than the United States, and there are people out there who need a lot more help than we do. 

On a side but related note, I can’t resist not blogging about what’s happening over in Gaza.  So stay tuned.