Some of you may have gotten the email regarding the novena of prayer and fasting with the intention to stop the Freedom of Choice Protection Act.   

If you haven’t, well, pass the news on.  Beginning today (or whenever you read this), start praying and fasting.   We already know Obama promised Planned Parenthood that signing FOCA would be his first act as president.  Granted, the House and Senate would have to pass it first so he could sign it into law.

Could he sign it on January 22nd, the 36th anniversary of Roe v Wade…

I watched this video today (it’s from 2000… so O’Reilly has more hair) and I wondered (still) how America elected Obama.  Stanek predicted that the Congressmen who voted against the Born Alive Protection Act would not be reelected… and here Obama was elected to the highest office of the country.  Sickening.

Anyway, I hadn’t seen this video before today, and it’s interesting to see Bill O’Reilly speechless.

Now I’m going to go pray for the defeat of FOCA.


Vodpod videos no longer available.