As I’ve written here before, Americans are, generally, pretty ignorant of history– our history.   On top of not learning basic American history, our students are being fed myths and propaganda in the name of history, or we hear tales of history that sound nice and slowly become truth as they are repeated.

How is Obama getting away with this display of Lincoln-worship?  The American public is eating it up, as if he’s Lincoln reincarnated or something.  (this whole train ride?!  Lincoln quietly arrived in D.C. for his inauguration in disguise because of assasination threats.)   Does he realize that he would probably disagree with Lincoln on many counts if he was alive today? 

  • Lincoln did not believe that the Africans should remain in American as citizens.  In the beginning of the Civil War, he would not say that the United States forces were fighting to free the slaves.  He wanted to ship all the slaves back to Africa.  (Not that this would impact Obama, whose ancestors were slave-owners, not slaves.)
  • Lincoln’s greatest passion during his presidency was winning the war– at any cost.  He authorized Union forces to destroy the Southern infrastructure and thus destory morale.  (Obama doesn’t like war.)
  • Lincoln believed that all are created equal.  (Obama believes that you’re equal if you’re wanted.  If you’re not wanted, you can go die in a closet for all he cares.)
  • Lincoln believed in suspending civil liberties.  He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, spent money without congressional authorization, imprisoned his enemies without trial, etc.  (I don’t think Lincoln would be so upset about Gitmo.)

The only sizable political similarity I can find is that they both favor the power of the large federal government over states’ rights. But I’m open to your input.