The more I think about the federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, the madder I get.  I dislike how the press calls it “stem cell research,” as if there is only one type or as if all types are equal and can be grouped together.

It also irks me that in this bad economy, our president has decided to spend money on this.

Not that he’s not throwing money around– he might as well be flying over America and dumping it out of Air Force One.  Then maybe it would at least reach some of us.  So yes, it’s not like this is the only thing he’s spending money on…. after the first 50 days of his presidency, he has spent an average of one billion dollars a day.  Can we just pause and let that sink in for a bit?

So he’s chosen to spend MY money to kill embryos, which, unless you are Bill Clinton, are fertilized cells that are babies in their earliest stage of development.  (Be careful watching that Bill Clinton video, by the way, because you might get dumber. Even if you don’t think an embryo is a baby, it’s still fertilized, Mr Clinton… If it wasn’t fertilized or “was never going to be fertilized” … well, it wouldn’t be an embryo.  Why did they let him repeat that so many times when it was so blatantly wrong?)

I digress… so the President has decided that he will spend my money on something that I think is wrong… and not only do I think it’s wrong, but lots and lots of people agree that it is wrong…  (Not that it’s a matter of popular vote or anything… what’s wrong is wrong, but just stick with me here…)

Remember when Vice President Biden said during the campaign that he cannot inflict his personal beliefs on a pluralistic society?  You know, that bizarre cop-out line that so many politicians regurgitate so that they can hide behind their own regurgitation?

Well, Mr. Obama shouldn’t inflict his own personal beliefs (that throwing away human beings in the name of science is okay) on a pluralistic society by making us pay for their murder.

Ah, it’s a two-faced world full of rhetoric, my friends.  Not that we didn’t know that already.