Obama met with credit card executives today for credit card reform.

Perhaps I’m naive to think that credit card reform isn’t one of the roles of government.

Look at these statistics: “U.S. credit-card debt has increased by 25 percent in the past 10 years, reaching $963 billion by January, according to figures released by the White House. The average outstanding credit card debt for households that have a credit card was $10,679 at the end of 2008, according to CreditCard.com, an online marketplace designed to link consumers and card issuers.”

These are serious problems. What’s the remedy? Let’s pass a law for credit card reform!

These problems are certainly not caused by Americans who don’t know how to use a credit card, who don’t understand the nature of credit, who irresponsibly are spending money they don’t have, or who have lost any idea of self-control.

Of course not! It’s the fault of credit card companies, who are out to *gasp* make money off of people with no self-control!

Bad credit card companies! We must waste our time writing legislation to stop you!

Forget the fact that people need to learn how to control themselves and control their spending. Forget the whole idea of responsibility for one’s own actions.

If there’s debt, it’s not the fault of the person in debt! It must be the fault of the system!

Of course, these are the views of a president and Congress who irresponsibly are spending money they don’t have and who have lost any idea of self-control.

We can’t expect you to be accountable for your actions.  Here, have a condom.