I’m sick… not with the swine flu, but of the swine flu.

At first, it was intriguing.  A global pandemic!

Now that we’re a week into the mess, it seems like we may have over-reacted a bit.  (I say “we” loosely, of course.)

I don’t want to appear cold-hearted to those affected with the disease or the loved-ones of those who have tragically died from the disease.

I also don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy-theorist (although conspiracy theories are pretty fun).  But after reading an article that actually said this: “Abortion is not the only issue in our government. The president is dealing with wars, a possible pandemic, Depression-like financial conditions and everything else.”  I reached my limit.

I know many are saying it, and I might as well join them.  Is this pandemic another way for Obama to save our world? Or is it possibly a red herring?

I’ll just give you this… (and it’s probably been brought up by other news sources, but I stopped watching the news after after November 5th.  So let me go ahead and think I discovered it.)

1) “By April 28, the new strain was confirmed to have spread to Spain, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Israel, and the virus was suspected in many other nations. As a result, WHO raised its alert level to ‘Phase 5’ out of 6 possible, which it defines as a ‘signal that a pandemic is imminent’  By the end of April, 300 schools had closed across the United States and the Mexican government ordered a multi-day shutdown of all non-essential activities in the government and private sector, amounting to a shutdown of most of the country’s economy.”

April 28th.

2) “During the background investigation process for [the position of Secretary of Health and Human Services… Kathleen Sebelius] admitted to ‘unintentional errors’ in tax returns and paid nearly $8,000 in back taxes. … In answer to questions from the Senate Finance Committee during her April 2009 confirmation hearing, Sebelius stated she received $12,450 between 1994 and 2001 from physician [sic] George Tiller. The Associated Press, however, reported that from 2000 to 2002 Tiller gave at least $23,000 more to a political action committee Sebelius established to raise money for Democrats while she was serving as state insurance commissioner.”

[George Tiller is infamous for his late-term abortions, and at least one woman has died from a multi-day abortion procedure performed at Tiller’s clinic abortuary.]

 Kathleen Sebelius was confirmed by the United States Senate and sworn in on April 28, 2009.

I’m just sayin’….