“perhaps the only entirely unselfish person whose name has a place in profane history”

Thus Mark Twain describes St. Joan of Arc.

Yesterday was St. Joan’s feast, although you would not have known it by attending any Mass outside of France.  I assume they celebrate her feast in France, at least.

Why is she not celebrated?  Can’t we at least give her an optional memorial??  She’s the patroness of France, for crying out loud!

(Do you realize how sad it is to celebrate your feast alone!?)

These days, when Christians tend to be spineless and relativistic, I think we need a good warrior to intercede for us.  And a woman who knows how to get things done, at that.

As the battle turned against her, those about her cried to the Maid: ‘Make haste to get back to the town, or we are lost!’

She answered: “Be silent! It rests with you to defeat them. Have no other thought than to strike!”

Yes, we need her. 

Scherrer - Entrance at Orleans

[and on a sort-of-side-note, with all due respect to Shakespeare… when was the last time God so obviously chose sides in a war?  Sorry, England.  God just didn’t want you guys to win.]