From the newswire: “On Saturday, a reporter asked the president whether Europe was low on his priority list, following newspaper reports he turned down a private dinner with the French president after 65th anniversary D-Day commemorations.

‘I have a very tough schedule and I would love nothing more than to have a leisurely week in Paris, stroll down the Seine, take my wife out to a nice meal, have a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens,’ Obama said, pointing out that he was caught up in dealing with the pressing financial crisis at home.

‘Those days are over for the moment,’ Obama said, but promised to spend more time in France when he is an ex-president.  ‘I think it’s very important to understand that good friends don’t worry about the symbols and the conventions and the protocols,’ Obama said. ‘I think you guys are reading too much into my schedule.'”

Well, you’re NOT friends, and that’s why we’re all worried.

Heck, if GW Bush would have done something this stupid, everyone would be in a tizzy around here. But for some reason, this man can do no wrong.

Notice he completely avoided the subject of turning down a state dinner with Sarkozy? The reporter could care less about whether the Obamas planned to have leisure time in Europe. He was questioning Obama’s decision to snub the leader of France, who- last time I checked- considered himself an ally…

And besides, everyone knows B.Obama won’t turn down a chance to go on a date with his wife. So shortly after he said this to the press… he took his wife out for a nice meal.