There’s been some discussion over the last few days of Dr Regina Benjamin’s nomination as Surgeon General. When I first heard the news, I wasn’t surprised that President Obama nominated a Roman Catholic– a quick glance to his appointments will show you that he favors us. I wonder why no one is up-in-arms about such preferential treatment? haha.

But I was skeptical that she could be pro-life. Unless President Obama had a conversion on the plane to Ghana, which I wasn’t willing to doubt completely (I know what the presence of the successor of Peter does to someone) but wasn’t quick to assume, I couldn’t imagine him nominating a staunchly pro-life person to any leadership position in the Department of Health and Human Services.

And while the past few days haven’t proven that Benjamin is staunchly pro-choice, they haven’t proven her as staunchly pro-life, either. And in this administration, a lukewarm prolifer isn’t getting anywhere.
While I don’t expect a witch-hunt to track down every statement she’s ever made about a “woman’s right to choose,” to determine her views, I think if she had pro-life beliefs, they would have come to the forefront already.

Let’s face it. If she is a Catholic who is going to make a difference in the workings of this administration, she’s going to have to be more than personally-prolife… she’s going to have to be staunchly prolife. If Benjamin has prolife views herself, but chooses not to act on them in the public realm, her coworkers, who don’t share the same reluctance to push their personal views on the public, will walk all over her.

And if she is willing to force a pro-choice agenda on America, well, she’ll join the ranks of the other “Catholics” in the administration.

Time will tell!