I’ve been watching a show on the History Channel about the Presidents, and just finished the segment on Washington.  Wow, what a man!

He was a man’s man.  War hero, the best horseman in the country (according to Thomas Jefferson), loved to gamble, and produced whisky (in 1798, Mt.Vernon produced 11,000 gallons, making Washington the single largest distiller of alcohol in America!).

But he was also a supporter of the arts and an accomplished dancer.  Martha Washington was one lucky gal.

Not to mention he was politically savvy and put together the greatest Cabinet the country has ever known.

He defined the presidency as he shaped this country.  I had a constitutional law professor who did not bother hiding his love and admiration for our first president, and he first introduced me to the real Washington.  Someone who was much more than that profile on our quarter.

If a man less virtuous than Washington would have been in his position, this country would be a very different place.

God bless President Washington.  May we look to his wisdom and guidance.