I tried to post today. I did. I wrote the same post a few times, deleting what I had written each time.

Today is the 5th anniversary of my grandfather’s death.

I wanted to post something meaningful. I wanted to write what was in my heart. Instead I pushed delete and let the tears run down my face.

Sometimes we cry when we’re sad. But I wasn’t sad. I was thankful. Thankful that such a man was in this world. And thankful I was allowed to be a part of that world.

When the words failed me, I walked away from the post and confessed to my mom that I couldn’t find the words to say what was in my heart.

And she said it well: “Sometimes things spiritual, and that is what death is, don’t need words because words don’t express what is there. Our feelings are beyond words, they are bigger than words.”

And I’ll leave it there.