I just heard that the British healthcare system is the third-largest employer in the world.   And much of that is administrative– there are more managers employed than doctors.


That’s one of the reasons it is never going to go anywhere.  Think of that voting bloc.  (do we really want that?  we’d better fight hard, because if it comes… it’s staying.)

I learned that little fact on my way home, while listening to a  guest on Glenn Beck’s show.  I don’t know who he was, but he had a British accent, and that makes you sound smart.

He also said he was stunned when he heard that America was considering a nationalized healthcare plan.  He said he couldn’t imagine a country choosing such a thing during peace time, or choosing to expand the federal government when it didn’t have to.

And now I need to write one more sentence, for the sheer fact that while I hate to end sentences with prepositions, I just did, and I certainly can’t end a whole post with one.