The girl hestitated before the display.  Why were dishes so expensive?  But they weren’t that expensive, right?  And since you used them everyday…

She started to walk away, then returned to the shelf.  They were so colorful, so lively, so European.  She ran her fingers over the bright designs.  She sighed.  She had dishes.  There was nothing wrong with her dishes– hand-me-downs from her mom, but she liked that… they were the dishes her parents had gotten when they had gotten married, and she had grown up with them her whole life, until her mom finally boxed them up and purchased dishes for herself that she actually liked.

She had dishes.  But these…these were so… her.  She lifted her fingers off the rim of the plate, her hand suspended in air, an outward manifestation of her hesitancy and uncertainty.

No, she couldn’t rationalize it.  Yes, this World Market Porto dinnerware set was beautiful, but she never entertained and she lived alone.  There was nothing wrong with the dishes she owned, and she could certainly use $32 somewhere else other than on a set of four dinner plates.  Not to mention the money she would spend on the salad plates, bowls, and mugs.  And on new silverware, since her mixed set from Target would have to be replaced for a new set, worthy of these dishes.  And her glasses… you couldn’t very well use old Guinness pint glasses with these Mediterranean works of art, couldn’t you?

Nope, these dishes were out of the question.

She walked away from the display with a bit more resolution, happy with her self-control.  Perhaps someday, she would have a reason to buy dinnerware.  But for now it would just have to wait.

She thought about her poor kitchen, lacking in so many wonderful things… like a quality knife set, or even a set of tongs.  Not to mention that Le Creuset Dutch Oven she had been eyeing, or a Kitchen Aid mixer.  Or a Cuisinart 4-Cup Chopper/Grinder.

Then she laughed.  Would it be wrong to marry someone just so you could get wedding gifts?

Then she went home and made herself a wonderful dinner of cous cous and vegetables.  Using the things she owned.  And eating off dishes that had been free.

And she was happy.