One day, you wake up and realize that a certain dream just isn’t in the tea leaves.  It leaves you with a funny feeling.  I suppose this happens to a lot of girls when they realize there are no eligible princes to marry.  But maybe it occurs to another girl when the prince is standing there and she realizes doesn’t want to move to Liechtenstein.

The prince doesn’t even need to propose– she just feels it in her stomach, as dream begins to tip-toe into reality.

God answers our prayers– sometimes when we least expect it.  Maybe we didn’t expect that prince to ever walk into our lives — it was just fun to talk about him.  And then when he does, you realize that it just doesn’t fit.

You could have your dream.  But your world is turned upside down when you realize it’s not actually what you want at all.  You thought you knew the deepest desires of your own heart.  And He loves you so much, He is willing to give you what you think you desire — all the time, actually knowing what would actually make you happy.

I’m not saying I’ve completely figured out His plan.  But I’m on to Him.

UPDATE: I’m not entering the convent, people.  The “prince” was a metaphor. : )