It’s been a crazy past few days, which usually means I end up neglecting this blog.  Today, however, I’m making it up to you with a special post from a special guest blogger.  She doesn’t know she’s my guest blogger for the day, but when you receive emails like this, they’re just begging to be blogged somewhere.  Who knows, I might get her to write for me more often!

Without further ado, my first guest blog post.  From… my mom!

Paul VI warned us of the horrors

In the encyclical that turned the Catholic world upside down, Humanae Vitae, Paul VI warned that if contraceptives were allowed, the world as we know it would take a sinister turn.  He was truly a prophet– as we have seen through the proliferation of diseases caused by the Pill, the increased push for contraception for younger and younger women, and the availability of abortion on demand.

These past days we have been hearing the tale of a young mother who is carrying a baby conceived by in vitro fertilization and has discovered that the baby is not hers– that someone else’s frozen embryo was used.  One wonders if this is the first time this glitch has happened.  The story will have a happy ending for the baby because the mother is carrying the baby to term, then giving it to the parents.  But this unnatural process is not what God intended. Life is not supposed to start in this manner.  The end does not justify the means.

In today’s government witchhunts, big corporations are likened to the sons of Satan because they make a profit.  In Obama’s world, no one should make money if they aren’t going to give it away so that we are all on the same economic playing field.  But he turns a blind eye to those big corporations who make money at the expense of the hearts of women: in vitro labs, Planned Parenthood, and all of those businesses that make billions every year either artificially creating life or getting rid of it while ruining the hearts and bodies of young girls and women.

These are big businesses too. Why is no one looking at the profits and bonuses of those groups? The hypocrisy is amazing.