Happy Feast of Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel!

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I love how our Faith influences so much of society, whether everyone else knows it or not.  “Michaelmas” refers to today’s feast– St Michael the Archangel.  And while it isn’t a word we hear very often in the States, it may be familiar to you if you read a lot of British literature.   It has been extended to refer generally to autumn, and I believe English universities still use the phrase “Michaelmas term” to designate what we here in the States would call the fall semester.  “Michaelmas term” is also the name given to one of the terms of the law courts of England and Wales, and while our court system doesn’t use the phrase, they still follow suit by beginning a new term on the first Monday of October (which generally falls close to Michaelmas).

This was a great feast during the Middle Ages (and was then a Holy Day of Obligation), and it was celebrated with processions, parties, much feasting, and the eating of goose.

For those Jane Austen fans, you’ll find many of her books either opening at Michaelmas (e.g., Pride and Prejudice) or the story really picking up at that time (Persuasion).

Happy Feast!