It’s great to have smart friends.  It’s really great when those friends aren’t just smart but also nice- so that when they have brilliant thoughts, they share them with you so that you can blog about them.

Here’s a thought about the public option in healthcare.

Let’s say I can’t afford private health insurance or my employer won’t provide it.   I opt (rather, I’m forced…) to take the public health insurance plan provided by the government.  So I have a little card from the government that I take to a doctor or a hospital to help pay for medical services, right?

Let’s call it a healthcare voucher.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

What if we replace hospital or doctor’s office with a school?

If the government can give me money to help pay for care at a private hospital, why can’t the government give me money to help me pay for tuition at a private school?

If the government can give me money so I can turn around and pay a Catholic hospital, why can’t they give me money to pay a Catholic school?

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.