The fight is far from over, ladies and gentlemen.  You responded so well to the last plea, here is another one–

The health care bill that the Senate is looking at today and tomorrow doesn’t have the Stupak-Pitts language — in fact, it explicitly authorizes Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of Health and Human Services (who thinks that abortion is a health and human service) to include abortion in the public option.

You can go here to write to your senators.  I’m not wild about the letter they draft for you, because it does not condemn the public option.  It does ask that the Stupak-Pitts language be inserted in the bill.

I think our problems are deeper and that we need much more than the Stupak-Pitts language.  But I didn’t have time to find another site where it’s this easy to contact your Senators.  If anyone has another, please let me know.