I have about ten posts in my head.  I wish I could write all day.

I definitely wish I could write more about this: the Manhattan Declaration.  It is a declaration signed by leaders from every branch of American Christianity, announcing that we will stand firm against the tide as it pushes against the sanctity of life & marriage and the rights of conscience and religious liberty.  We will not compromise our beliefs, even if it means civil disobedience.  (You can read the Declaration and sign it here.)

I wish you heard more about it on the news, because it’s kind of a big deal.  Depending on the road down which our country chooses to travel, it may go down in history, a phrase bolded in textbooks.

(Do you ever think of life like that?  That someday a junior in high school will be reading his textbook and one of the paragraph headings will be “Healthcare Reform” in the chapter on the early 2000’s, or one of his vocabulary words will be “the Manhattan Declaration” ??  It could happen, you know.  People in the 1940s probably never thought “the Manhattan Project” would be a vocabulary word in a textbook, and it was in mine.  Well, they didn’t even know the Manhattan Project existed.  But that’s besides the point.)

Anyway, I really believe the Manhattan Declaration will be huge.  It is huge, but no one is paying attention to it.  Because it’s inconvenient.

So I don’t have time to blog about it, but here is an interesting article written from an international viewpoint, by a very good journalist in Rome, Sandro Magister: The Manhattan Declaration: The Manifesto That’s Shaking America.

Please consider signing the Declaration yourself.  Stand up for your rights.  Witness to your faith.  Take your place in history.