There are two different kinds of blogs.   Okay, so there are millions.  But I’m going to divide the plethora of different kinds into two:

1) Personal

2) Anonymous

Now, we’re not so much speaking of two categories, distinctly divided, as much as two shades, if you will.  With a blog that is “anonymous,” you might know the person’s name, occupation, and even where they live.  But the blog isn’t really about their life.  They’re imparting some knowledge, sharing their opinion, etc.  The blog isn’t about them, but about something distinct from them.  Of course, since we’re human, there’s usually going to be something personal somewhere.   So the author of a cupcake recipe blog might also share that they went to their nephew’s birthday party over the weekend, or that their kitchen is being re-done, or that their husband hates almonds.  I would classify a blog like this as anonymous, even if it’s not strictly anonymous and has tints of personal, too.

In the same way, a personal blog may have tints of an anonymous blog, in that the entries might provide news stories, recipes or how-to projects, etc.

I consider my blog anonymous, even though I occasionally talk about things in my life (like the fact that the people who live above me like to stomp up the stairs every night around this time and make the picture above my fireplace shake a little).

I was reflecting on all this today as I was thinking about the direction of my blog.  I really, really miss my Rome blog.  It’s not only that I miss being in Rome, which I do.  It’s that I miss sharing the history, art, culture, and quirks of Rome with people.   I miss walking down the street and snapping a picture just for the blog.  I miss planning the next day’s adventure around something I want to feature on the blog.  I miss writing about the things I love.

I like this blog, and I like the opportunity it gives me to hone my writing style and to talk about the issues out there.  But let’s face it.  It’s not as entertaining.  I’m usually just venting about something.

There are reasons I wouldn’t make this a personal blog.  I don’t necessarily want people to know me through my blog posts, nor do I want that to be the main way people know what’s going on in my life.  Also, it’s often not as challenging to put into words the actions of your day as it is the opinions or thoughts in your mind.   But most pragmatically, I would have nothing to blog about every day! haha.  (I never had that problem in Rome!)

Anyway, I look back at my Rome blog with fondness, and realize that it was a blend of personal and anonymous that I miss.

Anyway, those are just some thoughts.  There’s actually a little YouTube clip from a panel at a recent blog conference discussing this exact issue.