As the Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment failed in the Senate yesterday, we need to pray harder than ever for the leaders of our country.

Abortion is not healthcare.

Perhaps Our Lady was watching out for us yesterday.  I trust in God’s Will and I know that ultimately, all will be united in His great plan for our lives and our country.  But how many babies will have to die before we all wake up?

I always strive to pray for God’s Will, since in His omnipotence and omniscience He knows what is facing us in the future — He’s looking at it right now!  But I can’t help but be tempted to pray that this whole healthcare “reform” is ultimately defeated.  Yes, we need healthcare reform.  But I’m certainly not paying for abortion.  And we don’t need the government controlling medicine. 

On the Feast of St. Juan Diego, as we await the imminent Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, please pray through her intercession that we be saved from ourselves.