I really liked this article by Danielle Bean: Let the Santa Wars Begin.   As the youngest in the family, I never believed in Santa — I didn’t grow up thinking that a jolly old man left presents under the tree (probably thanks to a certain older sister, although I don’t remember exactly).  I always knew that it was my parents, in the spirit of St. Nicholas, who sacrificed to buy the presents for us each year.    My siblings and I never sat on Santa’s lap in the mall– probably because we were terrified of strangers growing up, haha!  Yet I don’t think I was denied a proper childhood or anything.

Nor do I think it’s wrong for parents to tell their children about Santa Claus.  As Danielle mentions in the article, it’s usually all about how you were raised.

Anyway, it’s a good Christmas Eve read.  Another Christmas Eve post to come shortly.