I thought that moving to the South would make me miss snow.  And while it has, I realized this morning I miss something more: northern drivers.

When snow or ice hits a southern city, the drivers act like maniacs.

#1 pet peeve of mine: people who don’t clear off their cars.

URRRGH!  Come on, guy-driving-down-the-road-with-only-his-front-windshield-clear!  Seriously!?  Not only can you not see out your back window, you’re also spraying snow all over the place — for the people behind you AND at your own windshield while you drive.

And the people that don’t clear off the tops of their cars.  Grr!  Lady, I know it’s hard to reach, and I know it’s a pain.  But you know what’s more of a pain?  The people behind you on the interstate getting into wrecks as they try to swerve to miss the giant sheets of icy-snow that shoot up in the air at 70 mph and land behind you in the road.  Real considerate, ma’m.

Or the punk in the pickup truck who thinks just because he’s sitting up higher than everyone, he can zoom past them on treacherous roads.  See you when you fishtail on black ice, buddy.

Can you tell I just finished driving out in the midst of craziness?

For the record, I will never criticize Southern school districts for closing before the snow even starts.  I will never laugh at schools down here who close for a mere 1/2 inch of powdery white stuff.  1) These drivers don’t know how to drive in it.  2) The cities aren’t equipped to deal with it.  It’s not this city’s fault that 7 inches of snow has crippled it for days — it just doesn’t have the plows, the salt, and the manpower to stay on top of it.  I’d much rather everyone stay off the roads for a few days — like the police told us Friday morning– to allow the city to clean up the roads.  It just makes more sense.

So all you Northerns can scoff and laugh.  But a few inches of snow down here is a lot more dangerous than it is up there.  If only because of the crazies driving out there.