Someone still has their Christmas tree up.  All their Christmas decorations, for that matter.


I guess I’ve just kind of gotten used to it– I plug it in each night when I’m reading/writing/eating dinner and it’s just so pretty… but this morning it occurred to me that it’s the middle of February, and maybe it’s time to take it down.

I was fully intending to take it down on Candlemas, February 2nd, because I like to celebrate Christmas until that day.  But then my life got really busy, and it never came down on the 2nd.  or the 3rd.  or the 4th.

But since Lent is approaching this week, I suppose I should make an effort to take all the Christmas decorations down.  I think I’ll do it on Tuesday, so that on Wednesday my apartment looks properly empty and penitential.

I’d keep my decorations up year round, but that means you don’t have the joy of putting them up next December.  Hm, that sort of reminds me of a blog post I wrote a few months ago…