Today is the feast of one of my favorite saints, St. Frances of Rome.  We developed a great friendship a few years ago in Rome, when I heard she was the patroness of Roman taxi drivers.  Figuring that someone who helped Roman taxi drivers might also help with buses, I began praying to her when we’d wait for buses.  She came through every time — even five years ago, today, when we desperately needed a bus on the day of a bus strike.  (She helped us out because we were headed to her house and church for her feast day!)

You can read her story here:

It’s a fascinating story.  What a woman!  My favorite story about her is not included there, though.

She was praying the Psalms one day, when her husband and her children repeatedly interrupted her with their needs.  She repeatedly put the book aside and tended to their cares.  Each time she’d return to her prayers, she’d read the same line before getting interrupted again.  The last time she returned, the line had turned to gold.  God was reassuring her that she was doing His Will by faithfully answering their needs, as her primary vocation was wife and mother.  She was praying by her selflessness in leaving her prayers to help them.

She is now “buried” in her church (her body is visible behind glass, in a chapel underneath the high altar.  So I guess she’s not really buried!) in the Roman Forum, her hands still clutching that prayer book.

St. Francesca Romana, pray for us!