It’s probably closer to reason #2 or #3.

My favorite driver, Carl Edwards, (or, if I knew all my readers were NASCAR fans, I might refer to him just as #99.  Just kidding, I wouldn’t…) recently became a new father.

[side note: we pro-lifers need to fix the lingo here.  He didn’t just become a new father.  He’s been a father for nine months.  So I should say his wife recently gave birth to a daughter.  But that would require restructuring that sentence, which I’m too lazy to do.]

Edwards may have made the news this week for other reasons (namely, intentionally wrecking a fellow driver at 180 mph), but I’m not going to focus on that in this entry. [I’d be happy to share my opinions on what happened this weekend & Carl’s subsequent punishment, but for the sake of most of my readers- who probably aren’t NASCAR fans, I’ll refrain.]

Anyway, I did want to share this snippet from an article on about Edwards’ new role as daddy:

“I had a lot of different emotions I didn’t plan on,” Edwards said about his daughter’s birth. “I was watching them cut the cord on the baby, then I thought, ‘Wait, Kate’s over here. Is she OK?’ It was just a rush of things all at once that I wasn’t prepared for. It’s just such a miracle.”

[Jimmie] Johnson also will become a father this summer. Elliott Sadler became a dad for the first time last week, and Jeff Gordon’s wife is expecting their second child later this year.

“It makes me kind of proud,” said Mark Martin, the resident grandpa of the Cup garage at age 51. “We went a long time with not many little ones coming into the sport. It felt strange.

“Now we’ve seen a steady growth of the families. It’s good to see. It’s the best experience anyone can have in life, bar none. And, really, these guys aren’t that young. They’re having kids at a great time, after they’ve had a chance to mature themselves.”

NASCAR is prolife!! 🙂