Start baking those cakes, folks. Pope Benedict’s birthday is Friday, and I think we all should celebrate. Folllowed by another celebration on Monday, the anniversary of his election.

The best way we can celebrate, of course, is to pray for him. He needs your prayers so much right now.

What is going on right now is too large for one blog post, or even one blog, for that matter. I’d like to share some thoughts from this morning, but they’re just going to have to wait. There’s nothing worse than trying to do justice to a huge topic and failing miserably by not saying enough or not saying something the correct way.

However, I’ve heard from many, many people that they want to know more about what is happening. I think that any Catholic should aim to educate themselves as much as possible on the current situation so that charity and truth can prevail.

That being said, I pass along this excellent website. My blog is a soapbox, and this topic far surpasses any soapbox — it is far too serious and complex to be treated with a rant.

I urge you to read as much as you can, from reputable sources, and prayerfully educate yourself.

St. Peter, pray for us!