In this day of minute-to-minute news, a story from April 2008 is ancient.

But I think we’d all benefit from reading it again. 

Victims of Abuse Recall Meeting with Pope

Pope Benedict also met with victims this past weekend in Malta, and the reports are similar– emotional & full of healing.

The meetings with victims is private, so the Holy Father’s messages aren’t publicly released by the Vatican.  But all you need to read is the victim’s impressions of the Holy Father to realize that he cares.  He loves these victims, and he, perhaps more than any other person in the Church, is ready to facilitate healing and stop the abuse.

“The pope looked very sad, he looked me eye to eye, looked down at the floor, looked at me and held my hand, didn’t let it go,” McDaid said. “I saw his body language, his eyes, heard the sadness in his German (accented) English. I didn’t have to say, did you get it?”