Wake up, America!  That’s what I felt like saying after someone showed me the clip hyperlinked below.

The Pill has become so entrenched in our society– so much depends on it, and so much has been affected by it– that now to challenge its existence, to call it into question, labels you as a nut-job.  Now that the agenda has been pushed so far, now that everyone has accepted a carcinogenic as a necessity of “life”, now that we’re supposed to celebrate the anniversary of this devastating invention … our culture has been so deceived and the lie is so mainstream, anyone who says otherwise is a prude or a conspiracy-theorist.

When I saw the following clip, I was infuriated.  And then I was scared.  Because it reminded me eerily of another clip.

This video: http://www.hulu.com/watch/149814/miss-usa-miss-michigan-–-interview-round

reminds me dangerously of this one: (fast forward to 2:00 and watch until 3:00.)