I haven’t been following the talking heads lately, so this has probably been pointed out by someone smarter and more famous than I.  But if it hasn’t, well, maybe somoeone should read this blog and bring it up.

I see a funny parallel in two recent news stories… so ironic of a parallel, you’d think it was on purpose.  But I don’t want to give more credit to the guy than he deserves.  Let me present:

1)  The guy in Florida who has declared he’s going to burn Qurans.

  • Wrong?  Yes.
  • Does he have the “right” to do it?  Yes.

2) The mosque at Ground Zero

  • Wrong?  Yes.
  • Do they have the “right” to do it?  Yes.

What if this guy has made this declaration so that at the 11th hour, he can make a grand statement saying, “See?  What you have a right to do isn’t always the right thing to do.”

But I don’t give him that much credit.