October 2010

The medical expert on FoxNews was discussing the new emergency contraceptive, Ella One.  He said

“Ella One has been found to be effective as a contraceptive five days after the fact.  For as long as five days after the fact, if you decide you may have become pregnant or want to avoid it, you can take the Ella One.” (he rushed on-) “But what I want to tell you about today…”

He went on to say that Ella One also shrinks fibroids.

Yeah, and Yaz clears up my acne.  He went on to talk so nonchalantly about Ella and taking “the more the merrier” to shrink your fibroids and avoid bleeding, hysterectomies, etc.

You can find out more here: http://www.ellacausesabortions.com including information about the dangers of Ella One for women (born and unborn).

Yes, but rewind.  How can a pill act as a contraceptive five days after “the fact?”  What if the sperm and the egg combine on day one, and you take the pill on day two, three, or four?

So much for contra-ception.  Looks like conception already took place.

Like my sister said when I asked, “How can you say it can be effective as a contraceptive five days after ‘the fact’??”

“Because words mean whatever we want them to mean.”

Welcome to our scary world.


This is craziness.

The Obama Administration hosted an FBI training seminar to educate them on the violence of pro-life groups, including groups like Priests for Life, Students for Life, and 40 Days for Life.  The “violence” referred to in the seminar included things like praying, peaceful protesting, and passing out information to women about alternatives to abortion.

Should we be worried that the government considers these free-speech activities “violent” ??

Should we be worried that the government is actively working to silence these free speech activities?

It’s ludicrous.  Participating in 40 Days for Life outside of abortion clinics requires participants to sign a Statement of Peace.  And groups like Priests for Life and Students for Life have never been involved in anything close to violence.

Shouldn’t we be more worried about the people who kill babies for a living?  Who have become so desensitized to human dignity and worth?  Shouldn’t’ we be worried that they will do something?

Like pull a gun on the pro-lifers outside their clinic?

You’ll never see that story anywhere.  If the roles were switched, it would be on every major news network.

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