I was asked to look into the work of Daniel McInerny for my boss today, and I was pleased to find his blog.  After reading the first entry, I decided to share it with anyone who might still read this blog.  It is  a summary/bullet points from his talk at the recent conference for the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.  He addressed the vampire craze in our culture and how it is “sucking life from our children.”  Since my dear friend in college wrote her senior thesis on children’s literature, fairy tales, and the Christian imagery therein, my radar has perked up a bit when I hear people address the importance of these themes and the danger of perverting them.  I look forward to hearing Dr. McInerny’s address if it is availble streaming on the Center’s website soon.

Until then, check out:  http://danielmcinerny.blogspot.com/2010/12/sucking-life-from-our-children-part-1_08.html